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How do you get out of a room that has no doors? Explore Leeroy's devilish manor and find a way to escape while being hounded by a spooky presence. Leeroy's dogged determination to hunt you down may be the death of you!

Leeroy's House was created for a Free Lives 8 hour jam. Inspired by Free Lives' resident canine Leeroy Jenkins, we followed the theme of "Spooky Happenings at Leeroy's Manor". We used assets from the Unity asset store, and sounds by Kevin Gibson and Jason Sutherland. The amazing Leeroy portraits were painted by members of the Cape Town game dev and creative communities.

WASD: Move
Left click: Interact/press
Right click (& hold): Zoom in to examine


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Nice game

Neat, nice puzzle design.


Hey Jem I really liked the puzzle mechanic, only too bad the game is so short! Double the length would've been perfect :) Hope you can add more rooms!

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Hi - I gave this game a shot and though it is REALLY SHORT I really dug it! Love the concept and I hope this gets more attention and expanded into a larger game! Here's my play through:


I Have made a game review on this game i hope you enjoy my the video

This was a cool game i made this video a while ago just forgot to comment anyway i hope you enjoy the video and i hope this game does get updated because i want to see more

Thanks R Dog! Your video is great, thanks for checking the game out.
I was really happy with the puzzle solving mechanic, so I may expand this in the future with a few more puzzle ideas.

The mechanics of this game are awesome. the graphics are appealing and it is a litle spooky. the only real problem i have with this game is that it's to short.

Thanks so much ProofreadFire! Your let's play was really entertaining, thank you.
I agree about the shortness. A bunch of us in Cape Town made these little horror games as part of a jam, so I was only really able to get a few of my ideas for puzzles in. I would really like to expand on this though.
Many thanks