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Nice game

Neat, nice puzzle design.


Hey Jem I really liked the puzzle mechanic, only too bad the game is so short! Double the length would've been perfect :) Hope you can add more rooms!

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Hi - I gave this game a shot and though it is REALLY SHORT I really dug it! Love the concept and I hope this gets more attention and expanded into a larger game! Here's my play through:

I Have made a game review on this game i hope you enjoy my the video

This was a cool game i made this video a while ago just forgot to comment anyway i hope you enjoy the video and i hope this game does get updated because i want to see more

Thanks R Dog! Your video is great, thanks for checking the game out.
I was really happy with the puzzle solving mechanic, so I may expand this in the future with a few more puzzle ideas.

The mechanics of this game are awesome. the graphics are appealing and it is a litle spooky. the only real problem i have with this game is that it's to short.

Thanks so much ProofreadFire! Your let's play was really entertaining, thank you.
I agree about the shortness. A bunch of us in Cape Town made these little horror games as part of a jam, so I was only really able to get a few of my ideas for puzzles in. I would really like to expand on this though.
Many thanks